Puneet Kejriwal
Character Animator


Hello everyone. I do not have much to share right now, but you may browse the videos and photos section to view a few samples of my work.

   NOT made by me. Click on the hamster & move cursor around the box.

Did You Know?

Walt Disney himself was not a very good animator. In fact, he had the talent to recognize the talent and also a great observer and thus managed to build a team of some of the best animators the world has ever seen. He had the vision of the future of animation as we see it today and hence, Walt Disney Animation Studios, the pioneer in the field of animation, came into being. Although, even after enjoying a legacy status for almost more than forty years, it slowly lost its charm as newer animation techniques and styles came to be developed and provided a new kind of humor to people. eg. the looney tunes, tom and jerry.. etc. which also gave a fresh breath to animation unlike the traditional fairy tale feel of all of Disney's production. These new methods were much faster and cheaper than Disney's style of animation. With these new methods, the animation budget of a complete movie was almost equivalent to just the storyboarding budget of Walt Disney.